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Minimum quantity for "VFUSION MEN'S POWER" is 50.

VFUSION MEN'S POWER TRIO is lathering made with all-natural ingredients. No synthetic additives,

colorants, or parabens were used. This will nourish the skin. The beard wash will add shine and nourishment to hair and beard. Suitable for men suffering from irritated and dry skin It leaves the hair velvety soft and shiny, and easy to manage, and style. Bergamot and Cedarwood Atlas Oil add
their benefits by stimulating new hair growth and protection against inflammation,
redness of the skin, acne outbreaks, and skin infections.

Almond Oil and Jojoba oil, are both highly nourishing and are easily absorbed by hair
and skin. Jojoba Oil also prevents ingrown hair and skin irritations under the beard hair. It
covers the whole hair and gives strength and protection against breakage and dryness.
Assist healthy hair growth. Cedarwood with its therapeutic benefits, adds to the
effectiveness for healthy, shiny hair.

Vfusion Balm is very nourishing and softens the beard hair, as well as prevents irritation.
Although a firm consistency, it will melt easily when applied. Will give shine but “sticky”.
enough to shape the beard.

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No synthetic additives, colorants, or parabens were used.

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