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Adire Patterns
Changing the African narrative by changing untold African stories.
Africana Skincare
In 2018 I started what I call my “African Adventure”. I traveled and lived for short periods of time in four African countries until I landed in Ghana, the country that Africana skincare originates from. Coming from a culture governed by consumerism, where life is lived by a clock, the lifestyle in these diverse African countries felt like a breath of fresh air. It brought back human touch, the idea of sharing and community, such as eating from one big plate with your hands alongside six other people. I saw all the beauty, but I also saw and experienced the many barriers and stereotypes that are attached to this continent. The reality of the African continent wasn’t the reality that many of us are told most times. Why not create something that could aid in exposing its culture, ancestral traditions and natural resources as a way of helping break some of these stereotypes? This, combined alongside my desire to integrate more sustainable day to day habits in my daily routine, especially the way to take... More
Aketekete Enterprise
Aketekete works to connect our local artisans with customers. We believe in the collaborative creation of modern objects using old craft techniques while maintaining the most sustainable, responsible, and ethical production process possible. The design process begins in the communities of our artisans. They share techniques, ideas, and inspiration and explore the process of creation as a team together with the designers. Our artisans are exceptionally talented and committed members of the team. Often we see our products pass through the hands of multiple artisans working in collaboration to deliver the finest final product. We have decided to produce small batches of products and limited one of a kind pieces to ensure a responsible work culture for our artisans and to protect their craft. Some of our pieces may be imagined, designed, and crafted entirely by the artisan. Some of our ‘pre-order’ products are specially made for you, with love and patience. If this is the case, it may be that we need... More