Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Transformative Power for Retail, Spa Managers and Interior Designers

by Zidza Katenga


As the warm embrace of June envelops us, Meekono celebrates a theme that reflects our audience: diversity and inclusion. We explore the transformative power of embracing diversity and its positive impact on your business, whether you’re within the realms of retail, spa owners, corporate interior design, corporate gifts, or the enchanting world of well-crafted African handicrafts.  

  1. Retailers: In the vibrant world of retail, diversity is not only a cornerstone of social progression but diversifying your inventory can also be a catalyst for business growth. You may design a shopping experience that satisfies the unique needs and tastes of your varied customers by including diversity. To make sure that every consumer feels noticed, acknowledged, and celebrated, think about curating a wide choice of products that represent various cultures, sizes, and styles. Acknowledge the beauty of diversity in your retail endeavours and observe the benefits it has on the expansion of your business.  
  2. Spa Managers: Inclusion is central to fostering holistic well-being. Include a variety of therapies, rituals, and treatments that respect and honour many healing traditions. Africa hosts an array of cultures that have a rich history in the beauty and wellness sectors. The use of natural products is better for your skin; health, and the environment.  By including sustainably sourced organic, raw materials - you’re able to make each client feel welcomed, and valued for their idiosyncrasies or varied skin issues.
  3. Commercial Interior Designers: You have a wonderful capacity to create inspiring and engaging spaces as corporate interior designers. You can design environments that celebrate the distinctive characteristics of both employees and visitors by embracing diversity and inclusion. Use craftsmanship and artistic elements from Africa to give your designs an unparalleled environment that people from all walks of life will desire to gather in. Make accessibility and inclusivity a priority to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and empowered in these settings. Let the diversity of human experiences inform your designs to increase efficiency and creativity.
  4. Our exclusive and skilled sellers: To our cherished sellers and vendors of well-crafted African handicrafts, diversity is the lifeblood of your business. Every handcrafted item embodies the variety of what the continent has to offer - the 2000+ cultures and traditions. Do not forget that this forms part of your unique selling proposition (USP). Tell your stories in the best way you know how. #MarketingTidbit: Marketing is all about storytelling - storytelling in sustainability and the fair-trade sector is how we are able to price our items - so telling a good story and articulating those stories will build up your engagement. Embrace diversity, because it will foster and grow connections that transcend borders and empower the livelihoods of your artisans.

Let’s acknowledge that the ideology of diversity and inclusion forms the foundation of our industry. We unknowingly open ourselves to success and development when we embrace inclusion in our various fields.
Join us as we explore inclusivity and diversity in our industry. Let's weave a fabric of variety, acceptance, and success in our individual endeavours. Happy June!


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