The Power of Social Media Storytelling for Your Handicraft Brand

by Zidza Katenga


In today's global marketplace, where consumers are increasingly seeking culture-rich, meaningful products that tell stories of heritage, craftsmanship, and sustainability, it's essential for businesses creating and selling African handicrafts to stand out. 

One way to do this is through creative storytelling. By sharing the stories behind these beautiful works of art, entrepreneurs can connect intimately with their customers and build loyalty and lasting relationships.

However, sometimes storytelling can feel intimidating. Even more intimidating is the vast range of social tools and the changing nature of the media through which these stories must be told.

Unique Handcrafted Gifts: Meekono's August Gift Guide by the Marketing Team

by Zidza Katenga

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect moment to infuse a touch of Africa's natural wonders into your Christmas celebrations. The Meekono Marketing Manager has curated a special collection of our continent's favourites– gifts that resonate with eco-consciousness and sustainability. Here's a glimpse into the gifts that we believe would be a splendid addition to your holiday season: African Black Soap or Shea Butter in a Calabash: Imagine unwrapping a unique gift this Christmas—a calabash adorned with the richness of shea butter. For centuries, African black soap has remained a well-kept secret, cherished for its potent perks. Crafted from plant-based ingredients, this soap offers a range of advantages, such as:


Embracing Timeless Beauty: African Traditional Skincare Secrets

by Tamanda Pius

Kukongola, ubuhle, mumma, uzuri, beauté, belleza... In every language, the word "beauty" conjures feelings of awe and admiration. It's a concept that reverberates across cultures, connecting hearts through a shared appreciation for the exquisite. To delve deeper, let's turn to the Merriam-Webster dictionary's definition of beauty as the quality that pleases the senses and exalts the mind or spirit. This definition hints at a fascinating truth: beauty is not merely skin-deep; it's a mindset, a spiritual connection that resonates within us. e.g., body modification, hair and braiding, tribal painting, and cosmetics. Let’s talk about the topic of cosmetics with regards to African traditional skincare secrets. You see, in the bustling world of modern beauty, where new products and trends emerge daily, it's essential to pause and rediscover the age-old wisdom hidden in the heart of Africa.

Unveiling the Allure of African Tribal Cultures and Their Masterful Crafts

by Valerie Khomeliwa


Image Source: Home Design Lover

Africa, the continent that gave rise to civilisation, is home to a wide variety of cultures and traditions. Each tribe has a unique identity, and the magnificent crafts they produce effectively capture this distinction. Let's explore some of the most captivating art styles that have captivated people everywhere:

Mattel's Triumphant Return: Re-imagining Barbie's Dreamhouse with African-inspired Decor & Handicrafts

by Zidza Katenga

Mattel surprised skeptics with a triumphant release of their latest Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig -making her the first woman to direct a $1bln movie, and starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Issa Rae. 

The marketing campaign for the movie's release was an absolute delight, and one particular gem that caught our attention was BuzzFeed's AI-generated segment, "From Japan To Canada, Here's What Barbie's Dreamhouse Would Look Like Around The World." The creative concept and diverse adaptations of Barbie's Dreamhouse were engaging and fun.

Inspired by this imaginative journey, we thought we'd don our interior designer hats and take a cultural approach to decorating some of the Dreamhouses with uniquely African handicraft items.

1. UK DreamHouse - Embracing Warmth with Mudcloth Throw

The Victorian-era architecture of the UK DreamHouse exudes elegance, and to complement its warm and welcoming interior, we propose adding a mudcloth throw. This African textile is not only perfect for keeping cozy during cold winters but can also be customized to seamlessly blend with the DreamHouse's interior.


How to Improve Your Business and the Environment with Sustainable Production Techniques

by Meshach Adeiyongo


Source: Eco-Green Energy

Today's buyers increasingly factor sustainability into their purchase decisions. A survey by climate action group Avaaz found that 47% of consumers are willing to switch brands for ones with a smaller carbon footprint. Investors too are applying more scrutiny, with $1 out of every $3 under professional management in the U.S. now invested according to ESG principles. Brands that ignore this shift in priorities risk reputational damage and lost revenue.

Environmental sustainability is transitioning from a fringe concept to a business imperative. Companies that fail to adopt sustainable practices risk falling behind their competitors and losing customers. Meanwhile, the benefits of "going green" continue to grow clearer. This article explores practical steps for companies to implement greener production methods

Breaking Barriers: The Year of Return Uniting the African Diaspora and Empowering Local Artisans

by Meshach Adeiyongo

Ghana%20Year%20of%20the%20return.png?1690321970441Michael Jai White at the Full Circle Festival

In recent years, the Year of Return initiative in Ghana has captured the attention and hearts of people worldwide. This landmark campaign, which took place in 2019, commemorated 400 years since the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in the United States. The Year of Return not only symbolized a powerful call to African Americans to reconnect with their roots but also brought significant benefits to the continent of Africa and the local Ghanaian economy. In this article, we will delve into the manifold advantages of the Year of Return, exploring its impact on the African diaspora and local artisans while highlighting its economic significance for Ghana and the continent at large.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Embracing African Heritage During Cultural Appreciation Month

by Tamanda Pius

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the importance of embracing cultural diversity and appreciating the beauty of different traditions and heritages has never been greater. While events like Africa Day on May 25th provide a platform to commemorate the continent's history and achievements, it often feels like a single day is not enough to truly honor Africa's deep-rooted history and diverse culture. That's why we have now embraced the concept of Cultural Appreciation Month, a time dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the rich tapestry of African customs, beliefs, languages, and values that have shaped our world. It is a time to celebrate the invaluable contributions of African communities and confess the significance of their heritage in shaping today’s world.

Africa, in its glory, is Queen to an abundance of cultures, each with its own distinct identity, tradition, and … VIBE. From the unmistakable and unapologetic inertness of the Egyptian Pyramids, to the intricate beadwork of Maasai warriors, to the cry of Kettle drums, and to the dance of Malawi’s Gule Wamkulu. The continent is a treasure trove of artistic expression, storytelling, and spirituality. Cultural Appreciation Month invites us to embark on a journey through this kaleidoscope of cultures, fostering a deep appreciation for their contributions and illuminating their often-overlooked beauty.


Source- Music in Africa

The Dhebi A Tugoin(Lip Plate): Unmasking the Timeless Beauty of the Mursi People

by Meshach Adeiyongo


In the remote reaches of southwest Ethiopia, a mysterious cultural tradition continues to captivate the world. The lip plate, or dhebi a tugoin, is a distinctive ornament worn by the Mursi people, who are known for their intricate craftsmanship and unique rituals. This ancient adornment is more than just a fashion statement; it is a symbol of social status, beauty, and cultural identity.Its use in popular culture is highlighted in our Black Panther blog.  Join us as we peel back the layers of this inspiring culture and uncover the mysteries of the Lip Plate - a breathtaking and timeless tradition that continues to leave its mark on history.

African Relevance of Juneteenth: Honouring Freedom and Resilience

by Valerie Khomeliwa



In the United States, Juneteenth, commonly referred to as Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, is a yearly holiday observed on June 19. It honours the liberation of African Americans who had been held in slavery. Although Juneteenth has a long history in America, its significance is felt around the world, especially in Africa. In this blog article, we will look at the historical parallels between Juneteenth and Africa, emphasising the common challenges, tenacity, and continued struggle for freedom.

Origins of Juneteenth